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Our Objectives

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  • To address the already failed system of oil spill and gas flare response currently practiced by Government and oil majors through a non-violent approach
  • To ensure that all Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and Joint Investigation Visit (JIV) must be made participatory and transparent in order to restore confidence in the present broken system.
  • To develop a platform for focused and critical dialogue between oil producing communities, civil society groups, oil majors and the Nigerian government to identify the problems with the current oil spill and gas flare response system, plus finding workable long term sustainable solutions.
  • To develop a new independent mechanism that would conform to international best practice to prevent, identify, respond to and quickly compensate for oil spills, however they are caused.
  • To work towards the involvement of civil society in independent monitoring of EIA reports, major oil and gas deals, infrastructure and installations (refineries, LNG projects etc.).
  • To build the capacity of the different stakeholders, especially local oil producing communities on oil spills reporting, mitigation and processes.
  • To facilitate research on the different issues relating to gas flaring and oil spills especially on impacts, policy and legislative frameworks and institutions.
  • To advocate for a reduction or an end to the incidents of gas flaring in the Niger Delta.


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